Rhinestone Wedding Shoes Diy Style

Eyeing elegant rhinestone wedding shoes but worrying about the price tag? Fret no more because this article will show you some great ideas on how to come up with those glamorous wedding shoes that we aim for. I have always been a big fan of do-it-yourself projects. Not only does it help me save but it also allows me to be creative and resourceful. I also love the idea that I can create something that actually coincides with what I really want for it to turn out. Because I will be attending a friend’s wedding two weeks from now, I decided to pair up my dress with silver rhinestone wedding shoes. Here are the tips that I found on how to accessorize my footwear.

Seek Out Simple Shoes

Because we will be embellishing wedding shoes, we need to find a plain pair and usually, it would be in naturals colors like gold, silver, white, or cream. Simple shoes like these generally come cheap so it is an advantage when we are concerned about our budget. Also, if we happen to have old shoes or used, hand me down shoes from our sister, we can use that as well. Just make sure that they are still wearable for the wedding. Rhinestone shoes add glimmer to our outfits and using it rather than a plain one can help make us look wonderfully different.

Conceptualize The Design

Now that we have the shoes, we need to think about the design that we want. It usually depends on the style of the shoe. Open toed ones are easier to decorate since they have a more casual look compared to those that are pointy and closed toe. Adding embellishments also depends on the dress that we are wearing. We need to consider its color and its style because we do not want to draw all attention solely to our shoes. If we opt to be more critical with the design, we can try to draw it on a piece of paper in order to have a better picture on how it will look. Getting inspiration from designer shoes is also a great idea. I actually based my design on white rhinestone wedding shoes that I found while browsing online.

Look For Embellishments

There are a lot of available embellishments in textile departments or in online shops. Examples of these are pearls, satin bows, feathers, generic diamonds, and rhinestones. Some are even readily made like shoe clips or brooches. It is important to keep our design in mind so that we will not miss anything out. If we decide on pairing our shoe design with the embellishments of our dress, it is best if we bring our garment along so that we can compare their sizes and colors.

Work It Out

Aside from the shoes and the embellishments, we will also need a glue gun. This will help us stick the pieces together. First, we need to position the rhinestones on the shoe. Check out how it looks because we might decide to alter it a little bit. Once we finalize our design, we just have to hot glue them slowly one by one. For the other shoe, place the first shoe next to the one we are working on so that we can compare them as close as possible. Hot glues normally dry up fast so after a few minutes, we can already try on our new creation.

It is really fun to design your own rhinestone shoes. Wedding guests actually liked what I did with mine.

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